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Fersfield, Norfolk

This garden has wonderful views of the surrounding countryside, mature trees, an orchard, a shepherd’s hut, and an existing clay-puddle pond. However, it lacked structure and interest, and felt quite exposed. My design was soft and naturalistic in its shapes and lines, to enhance the views and allow the edges of the garden to blend in with the land beyond.

Brick and stepping stone paths lead from the house to different garden areas, including a circular terrace sheltered by existing mature trees, and special driftwood bench sited on a mound overlooking the view to the fields. The pond is framed by a backdrop of white-barked Birches, ornamental grasses and tall, prairie-style perennials that dance in the wind and provide stunning winter interest.

A mixed, native hedge was planted along the boundary line to shelter this garden from strong winds. A handmade, curving, woven willow screen offers privacy to guests staying in the shepherd’s hut. The lighting scheme up-lights trees and plants in the borders, so the garden can be enjoyed from inside at night.